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Beyond Words Pediatric Speech

Therapy serves the children and

families of Rutherford and

Polk counties, North Carolina.

pediatric speech therapy
speech therapy
speech therapy
speech therapy
& Resources
Speech-Language Therapy


An evaluation by a certified speech-language pathologist can help determine if your child is having difficulties.

Early Identification

​​Early identification is key to proper development and later success.

​Tips for Parents


Give your child a great gift that will last for life — the love of books.


- Articulation Delays

- Expressive Language Delays

- Receptive Language Delays

- Oral-Motor Difficulties

- Resonance/Voice Disorders

- Social Interaction Delays

- Stuttering

Speech &
Language Therapy

Feeding disorders include problems gathering food and getting ready to suck, chew, or swallow it. For example, a child who cannot pick up food and get it to her mouth or cannot completely close her lips to keep food from falling out of her mouth may have a feeding disorder.

Feeding Therapy
In-Home Therapy

We provide in-home therapy for families in Polk and Rutherford Counties, although there is a waiting list, at this time.

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